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The Perfect Pit Stop for Busy Bees: Colorful Bee Insect Drinking Cups

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Color: Blue

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  • Welcome to our Bee Insect Drinking Cup, designed to provide a safe and delightful drinking experience for our beloved pollinators! 

  • Attract and nourish bees: This specially designed drinking cup provides bees with easy access to water, helping them stay hydrated while they work tirelessly to pollinate our gardens and crops.

  • Eco-friendly design: Made from durable and eco-friendly materials, our Bee Insect Drinking Cup is designed to withstand outdoor conditions while being gentle on the environment.

  • Easy to use: Simply fill the cup with water and place it in your garden or outdoor space. The bright colors and attractive design will entice bees to take a sip and refuel for their important pollination duties.

  • Versatile placement: Whether you have a backyard garden, balcony, or even a small patio, our Bee Insect Drinking Cup is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

  • Great gift idea: Spread awareness about the importance of bees and pollinators by gifting our Bee Insect Drinking Cup to friends, family, and fellow nature enthusiasts.


  • Material: Resin 

  • Product size: Drinking cup approximately 2.5*2.5*8.5cm 

  • Wooden shelf size: 10*9.5*0.2cm

Package includes

  • 1 Set(5pcs) x Bee Insect Drinking Cup

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