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Tackle Grime & Dust: Dual-Sided Window Cleaning Wiper with Scraper & Brush

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Color: Blue

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Efficiently clean your mesh screen!

Mesh screens are necessary to prevent your house from bugs and mosquitos, yet definitely struggling to clean. With this wiper, your screen will always be as dust-free as new.

Quick & deep clean

Not only do dirty screens obstruct your view, they can also affect the air quality that's filtered throughout your house. With this brush, you’ll become the toast of the neighborhood with your sparkling screens! 

Less hassle

Not a single soul gets excited about cleaning screens. How to poke through every tiny hole to wipe away dust? This is the answer, hold this brush, wipe up and wipe down, done!

Multi-functional wiper

You can do a quick clean to get out the dust on your sofa or on the bed, or go over carpets and curtains. One brush, for everywhere needed cleaning from wet to dry.

Easy to clean afterwards

This brush is super easy to clean – simply brush out the dirt, or wash and hang up to dry after tackling those seemingly un-savable rusty screens.

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  • Material: PP + Fleece

  • Dimensions: 63 x 20 x 8cm

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