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Ultra-Absorbent Pet Bathrobe | Premium Quick-Dry Dog Towel

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Color: Gray

Size: XS

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Wrap your fur friend in coziness & warmth!

If there's one thing that makes a pet's bath a thousand times cozier, it’s a robe. They all like to snuggle up and dry themselves in the cuddliest pieces.

Keep your dog toasty

A bathrobe keeps our furkid warm until he’s dry, especially in the winter. This can be particularly useful for dogs with short fur or hairless dogs who might need more help staying warm.

Faster drying time

Your puppy will dry off way faster because the robe is made of microfiber to be super absorbent. It’ll soak up the water in his fur the whole time he’s wearing it, which he’ll definitely appreciate.

Comfy to wear

This cute bathrobe is basically like a cozy towel that your dog won’t mind wearing. It also comes with adjustable velcros, and there are multiple sizes to fit every puppy in the house.

No wet furniture!

Your dog likes to jump right in the laundry pile or the sofa after bath and drench everything? No longer a problem!

Get one for your pet!

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  • Material: Superfine Fiber 

Care instructions

  • Machine Washable

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Tumble Dry

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