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Subtle Glow, Smart Activation: Wireless Motion Sensor Night Lights

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Color: Warm white

Type: 6 LED

10 LED
20 LED
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Brighten every corner of your home!

Bright as a little sun, our closet light will shine your wardrobe, drawer and cabinet and every dark corner in your home!

The brighter, the safer 

Groping your way at night, you may fall down the stairs or hit obstacles on the way. Finding kitchenware in the dark, you may accidentally hit a knife and cut your hand. Why must you put yourself in these dangers if you can install this smart light to let the light follow everywhere you go and keep you safe at night?

Smart motion sensor 

The motion sensor can detect human motion in a range of 120° to automatically turn on and off. What a wonderful energy-saving light!

Wireless design 

The ultra-thin and wireless design enables it to be installed at ease at any narrow place. Simply tear off the adhesive tape on the back and stick it, now your light is ready to shine without messy wires! 

Wide application

Not only the cupboard or closet, this light can be installed anywhere to light up any corner in your house. However dark and narrow a place is, just tape the light on and you can immediately illuminate this place. 

Light up your home now!


  • Material: PC

  • Dimensions: 

    • 6 LED: 10 x 3 x 1.6cm 

    • 10 LED: 19 x 3 x 1.6cm

    • 20 LED: 36.5 x 3 x 1.7cm 

Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

Package includes

  • 1 x Wireless Light

  • 1 x USB Cable

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