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Streak-Free Shine: Reusable Microfiber Cloths for All Surfaces

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Wipe away oil, dirt and stress!

If you haven't added microfiber cleaning products to your arsenal, you're missing out. These small fibers master at absorbing water and attracting dirt, speeding up your cleaning time!

Strong absorbency

These microfiber cleaning clothes have super water and oil absorption capacity, which can quickly absorb liquid or oil stains to easily achieve the most perfect cleaning effect.

One wipe away!

One wipe, and all dust, grease and hair are all removed! These cloths will leave mirrors, surfaces, and stainless steel streak-free, too!

Eco-friendly material

Our kitchen towels are made of high quality non-abrasive and extra soft fabric, which says No to leave lint or scratch marks on dishes or hurt your hands.

Wide application

These cloths aren't limited to countertops, either — you can use them to dust pantry items, polish metal, and even wipe smudges off laptop screens and car windows. 

Machine washable

No hassle hand-washing these rags! They are washable both by hand and machine and can dry super quickly, so you can wash them again and again and reuse them a thousand times!

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  • Material: Fabric

  • Dimensions: 25 x 25cm 

Care instructions

  • Machine Washable

  • Do Not Bleach

Package includes

  • 5 / 10 x Cleaning Cloth

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