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Silicone Ice Cube Mold with Easy-Release - Flexible Ice Tray with Spill-Resistant Removable Lid, Stackable and Convenient

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Silicone Ice Cube Mold with Easy-Release - Flexible Ice Tray with Spill-Resistant Removable Lid, Stackable and Convenient

Product Description:

Upgrade your ice-making experience with our Silicone Ice Cube Mold with Easy-Release feature. This flexible ice tray is designed for maximum convenience and efficiency, making it perfect for chilling your favorite beverages. With its spill-resistant removable lid and stackable design, this ice cube mold ensures a hassle-free and organized freezer space. Whether you're preparing cocktails, coffee, or whiskey, enjoy perfectly shaped ice cubes every time.

Key Features:

Easy-Release Design

  • Flexible Silicone: Made from high-quality silicone, this ice tray allows for easy and quick release of ice cubes. Simply push the bottom of the tray, and the ice cubes pop out effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

Spill-Resistant Removable Lid

  • Secure Sealing: The tray comes with a spill-resistant removable lid that securely locks in place, preventing any leakage of water or moisture. This feature ensures a mess-free freezer and contamination-free ice cubes.

Stackable and Convenient

  • Space-Saving: The stackable design allows you to place multiple trays on top of each other, optimizing freezer space and keeping it organized.
  • Compact and Portable: Ideal for use at home, in the office, or on the go. The compact design makes it easy to store and transport.

Quick Freezing

  • Efficient Design: The efficient design of the silicone ice trays ensures quick freezing, providing perfectly shaped ice cubes in a short period. Always have ice readily available for your beverages.


  • Easy Ice Removal: Flexible silicone material allows for effortless ice cube release, making preparation quick and easy.
  • Spill-Resistant: Secure lid prevents leaks and spills, ensuring a mess-free freezer.
  • Space-Saving: Stackable design maximizes freezer space and keeps it organized.
  • Durable and Reliable: Made from high-quality silicone, ensuring long-lasting use without cracking or breaking.


  • Material: High-Quality Silicone
  • Capacity: Multiple cubes per tray
  • Dimensions: Fits standard freezer compartments
  • Color: Available in various vibrant colors

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Silicone Ice Cube Mold
  • 1 x Spill-Resistant Removable Lid

How to Use:

  1. Fill the Mold: Pour water, juice, or any preferred liquid into the mold, ensuring it does not overflow.
  2. Secure the Lid: Place the removable lid securely on the mold to prevent spills.
  3. Freeze: Place the mold in the freezer and allow it to freeze completely.
  4. Release Ice: Once frozen, remove the mold from the freezer and gently push the silicone to release the ice cubes.
  5. Clean: After use, wash the mold by hand or in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Why Choose Our Silicone Ice Cube Mold with Easy-Release?

  • Perfect for Beverages: Ideal for chilling cocktails, coffee, whiskey, and more, enhancing your drinking experience.
  • Spill-Resistant and Stackable: Secure lid prevents spills, and stackable design saves space and keeps the freezer organized.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: Flexible material allows for easy ice removal and simple cleaning.
  • Quick and Efficient Freezing: Always have perfectly shaped ice cubes ready in a short time.

Enhance your beverage enjoyment with our Silicone Ice Cube Mold with Easy-Release. Its durable construction, spill-resistant design, and quick freezing capabilities make it a must-have for any kitchen or bar. Order now and enjoy perfectly chilled drinks every time!

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