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Shine Like New Again: Restore Surfaces with Nano Carborundum Sponge

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Top notch for both scrubbing ability & versatility!

When you need to deal with tough stains on pots and pan, this heavy-duty sponge is the one to go!

Tackle hardest stains

Make sure to have this in your arsenal to attack the toughest cooking mishaps on your favorite pan! Its strong cleaning power without excessive scrubbing and sanding. 

Works on multiple surface

If you want a multi-use, versatile cleaning warrior, this has your back. Whether it is a left-over-night saucepan, an oil-greased barbecue grill or a slightly rusted faucet, this sponge does its job beyond your expectations.

Optional handle

Get it with a handle to make cleaning way easier and more effectively. Plus it protects your sensitive skin from being irritated by the scrubbing motion.

Cut at will

Want a smaller sponge to wriggle into the narrow crevices you normally can’t reach? Just grab the scissors and cut it at your will!

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  • Material: Sponge

  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3cm

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