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Safe & Effective: Eco-Friendly Grill Cleaning Brick for Easy Cleanup

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Wipe off those built-up gunk in seconds!

BBQ parties are super fun, yet cleanup is surely not. Your grill will be left with disgusting dirt that clings and potentially leads to severe food poisoning. Lucky you, this BBQ Grill Cleaning Brick is here to save you from hours of scrubbing!

Remove all dirt and residues

Everyone who works with grills knows that the grease and gunk from cooking are the toughest to scrub off. However with this cleaning brick, those stubborn stains will be gone in a breeze!

Save you hours of cleaning 

Wipe, wipe, wipe, and that’s all you need to clean the mess and call it a day. It works like magic right in front of your eyes!

No scratch

If you have been tired of using metal sponge that leaves horrible scratches on both your grills and your hands, it’s time to get washing to the next level! No more ugly marks on your metal or even enamel utensils!

Highly multi-functional

This small brick offers a lot more than you’ve ever expected. Besides working great on barbecue grills, it also performs seamlessly on your oven, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, and even enameled surfaces.

Risk-free material

Made of safe, high-grade foam glass, this cleaning tool pledges to be absolutely risk-free and user-friendly. 

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  • Material: High Quality Foam Glass

  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 4cm / 3.9 x 2.8 x 1.6in

Care instructions

  • After Use, Let Dry And Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

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