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Protect in Style: The 3D Self-Adhesive Decorative Wall Edging

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Color: Copper

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Make an aesthetic addition to your home! 

Create a bold statement for your home remodeling project with the Self-Adhesive 3D Wall Edging Strip! Whether you use it for hiding joints, gaps, and other imperfections or as a striking accent against dark-colored walls, the strip will definitely make a valuable addition to your home aesthetics.

Impressive look for your wall

It comes with a dazzling array of designs, eye-catching, and natural look embossed textures that can give an impactful effect on the wall decor. Now you can instantly add warmth, depth, and style to your walls with Our Wall Edging Strip.

Strong stickiness

Being made from high-quality materials, our Wall Strip is excellently adhesive, waterproof and oil resistant, which enables it to adorn your home for years. 

Easy to install

With just scissors, you can cut and install this strip with a perfect fit to your wall. So easy and simple, you can even enjoy the fun of decorating with your kids!

Adorn anywhere

This Wall Strip can decorate anywhere in your house! It’s suitable for background wall, wall fence, skirting, balcony decoration, background frame, door frame and window sill decoration, etc. 

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  • Material: PVC

  • Dimensions: 230 x 8cm


  • Clean and dry the surface before sticking on.

  • Can not be used on uneven and textured surfaces.  

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