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Pack Tight, Breathe Easy: Foldable Vacuum Bags for Compact Clothes Storage

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Size: 40x50cm

Type: No Hand Pump

No Hand Pump
With Hand Pump
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Counter your messy, narrow closet!

Get rid of big, bulky winter blankets and coats and super-organize your wardrobe for a new season to come!

Less time, less effort

Geared towards busy housewives (and house husbands too!), these compressed bags make storing heavy, space-consuming clothing such a breeze!

Save tons of space

Think of these goodies as clothes storing bags, but amplified! With the ability to resize whatever items you put into a tiny package, this would be such a relief for closet cleaning.

Easy to maneuver

Fill it, zip it, and vacuum-sealed it! It works perfectly with a hand pump, an electric pump, or even your vacuum machine!

Triple-seal protection

Worrying of dirt and moisture getting in your storing containers and harboring nasty bacteria and mildew? Fear not with this mighty triple protection!

Discover a new organizer for your closet!


  • Material:

    • Compressed Bag: PA + PE

    • Hand Pump: PVC

  • Dimensions: 40 x 50cm / 60 x 80cm / 50 x 70cm / 80 x 110cm / 70 x 100cm

Package includes

  • 1 x Compressed Bag

  • With or Without Hand Pump

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