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Keep Your Grains Fresh with our Moisture-Proof Dry Food Storage Tank: A Must-Have for Organized Kitchens!

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Color: 2 Grid-2500ml

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Keep pantry ingredients fresh & dry!

Ward off unwanted pests, maintain the freshness of dry food and enhance the look of your kitchen.

The dry food specialist

Storing dry ingredients is always a tricky task, as they are extremely prone to pests and easily stale. If that is your case, it’s highly recommended to invest in an airtight, moisture-proof container.

Multiple ingredients in one

Store all the ingredients from flour, rice, peas to pasta all in one tank! No need for ten different jars for various foods to lay all over your kitchen cabinets!

Reorganize your pantry

The cylindrical shape means easy storage, while its clean, transparent look lends a tidy, modern appearance to any space.

Convenient dispenser

It’s super easy to fill up the content with a transparent container, plus it’s also a breeze to take out the needed amount every time!

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  • Material: PP

  • Dimensions: 

Care instructions
  • Hand Wash With Water And Detergents.

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