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Hand Pinched Irregular Flower Ceramic Mugs - Korean Style Coffee, Milk, Tea Cups, Oatmeal Breakfast Mug, Ins Drinkware Kitchen Cup

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Color: Pink cherry

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Hand-Pinched Irregular Flower Ceramic Mugs - Korean Style Coffee, Milk, Tea Cups, Oatmeal Breakfast Mug, Ins Drinkware Kitchen Cup


Add a touch of Korean style elegance to your kitchen with these hand-pinched irregular flower ceramic mugs. Perfect for coffee, milk, tea, oatmeal, and more, these unique mugs are designed to make your breakfast and beverage experience more enjoyable.


  1. Handmade Craftsmanship:

    • Each mug is carefully hand-pinched to create a unique and irregular flower design.
    • The handcrafted nature ensures that no two mugs are exactly alike, adding a personal touch to your drinkware collection.
  2. Korean Style Design:

    • The delicate flower design and irregular shape give these mugs a charming and sophisticated look.
    • Ideal for adding a touch of Korean style to your kitchen or dining room.
  3. High-Quality Ceramic:

    • Made from durable, high-quality ceramic that is safe for everyday use.
    • Glazed finish adds a beautiful sheen and makes the mugs easy to clean.
  4. Versatile Use:

    • Perfect for a variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, milk, and juice.
    • Also great for enjoying oatmeal, cereal, and other breakfast foods.
  5. Comfortable Handle:

    • The ergonomic handle is designed for a comfortable grip, making it easy to hold and drink from.
  6. Ins Drinkware:

    • These mugs are ideal for Instagram-worthy photos and make a stylish addition to any kitchen or dining setup.


  • Material: High-quality ceramic
  • Design: Hand-pinched irregular flower design
  • Style: Korean
  • Capacity: Approximately 150ml (varies slightly due to handmade nature)
  • Dimensions: [image]
  • Color: White with flower design
  • Package Includes: 1 x Hand-Pinched Irregular Flower Ceramic Mug

Care Instructions:

  • Washing: Hand wash recommended to preserve the delicate design. Dishwasher safe on the top rack.
  • Microwave Safe: Yes, suitable for reheating beverages.
  • Storage: Store in a dry place to maintain the integrity of the ceramic.


  • Unique Design: Each mug's handmade design makes it a unique addition to your drinkware collection.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of beverages and foods, enhancing your daily routines.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beautiful Korean style design perfect for home decor and social media photos.
  • Durability: High-quality ceramic ensures long-lasting use.

Enjoy your favorite drinks and breakfast items in style with these exquisite hand-pinched irregular flower ceramic mugs, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your kitchen.



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