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Foldable 2-in-1 Silicone Ice Maker: Cubes & Hockey Pucks (Travel-Friendly, Home, Outdoor)

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Color: White

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Transparent part of the box: ABS
Handle: PP Cover: ABS
Lid link handle: PP
The soft rubber part of the outer ring: elastomer
The hard part of the outer ring ABS
Colors: white, gray, pink
17 balls: gross weight: 437g, color box specifications: 28cm * 12cm * 6cm,
Packing quantity: 48PCS,
Box size 57.5cm * 38cm * 49.5cm
1. With 17 ice cube molds, you can obtain 17 ice cubes at once.
2. Fill it with the water or beverage you want, put it in the refrigerator until it freezes, then unscrew the lid, pull the strap to let the ice ball fall, and finally, you will get fresh ice,
3. Carry it with you: Enjoy clean and fresh ice cubes as needed. This covered ice cube tray with storage compartment can limit melting. Very suitable for picnics, outings, road trips, RV life, and camping.

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