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Effortless Scrubbing Power: Power Spin Brush Makes Cleaning a Breeze

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  • Introducing our powerful and versatile Rotary Brush, a game-changing tool that takes cleaning and maintenance to a whole new level. Designed with innovation and efficiency in mind, this brush is here to simplify your cleaning tasks and deliver outstanding results.

  • Built-in water gun function: Strong water pressure and pressure accumulation design make the water gun more powerful.

  • The Rotary Brush is the ultimate cleaning companion, engineered to tackle a wide range of surfaces and messes with ease. From deep-cleaning your car, you can clean any objects from soft carpets and rugs to scrubbing tile floors, this brush is up to the task. Its rotating bristles provide a thorough and effective clean, lifting dirt, grime, and debris from even the toughest surfaces. With the Rotary Brush, you can say goodbye to tedious manual scrubbing and hello to a faster, more efficient cleaning experience.

  • Versatility is a standout feature of the Rotary Brush. From soft bristles to stiff bristles, you can apply this brush for both delicate surface and tough stains and heavy-duty cleaning, this brush adapts to your specific needs. Whether you're cleaning your carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, or even outdoor spaces, the Rotary Brush has got you covered.

  • Efficiency is key when it comes to cleaning, and the Rotary Brush excels in this aspect. Its powerful motor and advanced rotating mechanism ensure that you cover more ground in less time. The brush's ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to maneuver effortlessly and tackle large areas without strain or fatigue. Get your cleaning done in record time and reclaim your precious moments for the things that matter most.

  • Durability is a top priority when it comes to the Rotary Brush. It is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, ensuring longevity and reliability. The brush's high-quality construction and robust materials ensure that it can handle demanding cleaning tasks without compromising its performance. Invest in a brush that will be your trusted companion for years to come.


  • Material: Chenille, ABS, PP 

  • Brush head pole: 42 cm

  • Middle link pole: 26 cm

  • Total length (after installation): About 100 cm

Package includes

  • 1 x Brush head pole

  • 2 x Middle link pole

  • 4 x Connectors


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