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Effortless Dumpling Making: Automatic Press Dumpling Maker for Perfectly Shaped Dumplings

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Wrap dumplings like a pro!

Minced meat mixed with spices and vegetables and wrapped in a thin layer of dough, who can resist the allure of a dish of hot, yummy dumplings? Now you can prepare the delicious dumplings like in the restaurant by yourself with this Automatic Press Dumpling Maker! 

Make hundreds of dumplings a day

This dumpling maker not only fastens wrapping speed but also enables you to wrap two dumplings at the same time so you can make hundreds of dumplings in a day to treat your guests and your family! 

Even pieces of dumplings

With this dumpling maker, you can make many even dumplings to make your dishes more beautiful and appetizing!

Carefully-wrapped dumplings

If you can’t wrap your dumplings tightly, the filling will protrude which will make your dish ugly and lose the yummy taste. But now you can prepare the most delicious and inviting dumplings ever in a wink with this mold! There won’t be protruded filling anymore!

Easy to use 

Lay, fill and press down. With just some simple steps, your beautiful dumplings are ready to be cooked!

Prepare your feast now!


  • Material: ABS + 304 Stainless Steel

  • Dimensions: 

Care instructions
  • Hand Wash Only 

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