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Desktop Coffee Capsule Holder for Nespresso: Durable Coffee Pod Organizer for Home, Kitchen, and Bar - Essential Coffeeware and Teaware Accessory

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Color: Black color

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Desktop Coffee Capsule Holder for Nespresso Accessories: Durable Coffee Pods Organizer for Home, Kitchen, and Bar


  1. Unique Coffee Cup Shape: Meticulously designed in a unique metal coffee cup shape, it perfectly complements coffee-themed decor and use.
  2. Premium Material: Made of high-quality iron with a surface paint finish, this holder is durable, strong, and resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity even in damp environments.
  3. Hollow Out Structure: The hollow design allows for excellent air circulation, preventing mold and ensuring items stay dry and fresh.
  4. Multipurpose Use: Besides holding K cups and other coffee capsules, this basket can be used to hold sugar bags, coffee mate, fruit, bread, cookies, drinks, or other items.
  5. Large Storage Space: Provides ample space to hold up to 60 small coffee capsules or 40 larger capsules.


  • Material: Iron wire
  • Color Options: Gold, Black

Packaging Includes:

  • 1 x Coffee Capsule Holder

Ideal for:

  • Home kitchens
  • Office coffee stations
  • Bars and cafes
  • Coffee lovers and enthusiasts


  • The coffee capsule holder is designed to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect addition to any coffee setup.
  • The unique coffee cup shape adds a charming touch to your kitchen or coffee bar, enhancing the overall decor while keeping your coffee capsules organized.


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