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Dancing Flames, Modern Magic: The Gravity-Sensing LED Flame Bulb

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Pretty fire without risky real fire!

Set the mood for a romantic dinner, improve your home’s nighttime curb appeal, or add to your holiday lighting something fun and sweet with an LED flame light bulb.

Channeling the warm glow

Offering a realistic flame effect and a warm, home-y glow, this light bulb adds a classic light to your home and outshines the ordinary bulbs. 

Warm up any space

Be it a dining room, the front porch, or the back patio, lighting has a significant impact on the look of a space. Nothing really creates a romantic and alluring mood as well as a flickering fire.

Reversible, Gravity-sensing flames

With the gravity mode, the bulb automatically orients the flame to burn upward, whether positioned right side up or upside down.

No risk of burning houses down

Of course, keeping an open flame going inside your home can be dangerous, as it’s a fire hazard. This instead lasts longer, can’t be blown out by gusts of wind, and way safer for your interior.

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  • Material: Plastic + LED Light

  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 15cm 

  • Power: 5W 

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