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Cute Lion Mane Cat Wig Costume Cosplay

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Rawr, the king of the jungle is here!!!

Surprise, a lion is in your house!!! But don’t be scared, this is the friendliest lion ever because it’s actually your kitty wearing our mane hat. 

The cutest lion ever

Putting on cool mane and lion ears, your lovely cat will transform into the cutest lion ever and win the heart of every passer-by. 

Cause no irritation

The soft and comfortable fabric won’t cause any discomfort or irritation to your little furry friends. 

Soft and smooth fur 

This mane hat is as smooth and soft as the real fur of your cats so you can comfortably caress your pets as usual. 

Easy to fit 

The velcro design makes this hat easily fit the head and neck of kittens or puppies of various sizes. 

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  • Material: Cotton

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  • Machine Washable

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