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Bring the Zoo to Your Yard: The Creative Animal Bicycle Wind Spinner

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Color: Puppy Dog

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Adorable garden spinner added!

Add some extra oomph to your garden decor with this funny cat biker! Rainbows of colors, each breeze flowing by!

Funny animal design

What can be funnier than a cat in a tux riding a rainbow bike? You only need one cycling pup to liven up an entire yard and receive your guest’s biggest smile!

Spruce up your garden

Whether you want your backyard to embody a fairy's hideaway or just be fun enough to host family and friends, this “cat on bike” is surely winning hearts!

Easy to assemble

Make your favorite outdoor spaces shine with little to no effort, just assemble pieces together, add a support rod if you wish, and leave all the job to the wind!

No batteries or electricity!

No messing up with power cords or batteries because it is wind-powered! Such a perfect, safe, earth-friendly way to say "Welcome"!

Adorn your house now!


  • Material: PVC

  • Dimensions: 91 x 52cm

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