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Bring Nature to Your Backyard: A Gift for Bird Lovers - Wooden Hummingbird House

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Color: 1 SET 3 PCS (A+B+C)

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Wonderful house for tiny hummingbirds!

A great way for all nature lovers to be able to watch a mother hummingbird building her nest and raising her young.

Charming touch to your garden

This bird house is a perfect exterior decor piece to add a wooden element and rustic vibe to your space.

Attract little wings

Hummingbirds normally do not fancy man-made birdhouses, yet it is still possible to lure them into your garden by providing their ideal natural habitat with these little wooden homes.

Supreme wooden material

Wood is definitely the best choice to befriend with those shy birds rather than shabby, cheap-feeling plastic houses.

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  • Material: Wood

  • Dimensions: 12 x 5cm / 4.7 x 2in

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