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Add Excitement to Your Party: Bar Party Beer and Champagne Launch Prop Gun for Fun Celebrations

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Color: Gold

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Be the king of the party with a champagne gun! 

Make your party unforgettable this summer with a beer gun and shoot your friends with your favorite drink anywhere.

A new way to drink

Champagne gun turns a champagne bottle into a funny gun. Just put a bottle of champagne on top with a sprayer, shake, and spray sparkling champagne on your friend’s mouth. Such a new, amusing way to enjoy drinks!

Control distance with ease

Throttle triggers can control short distance or long distance spray so you can stand still and shoot champagne into your friends all around the party. 

Double as a cork

This gun also acts as a cork to keep the champagne fresh and bubbly. The unique design is even powered by carbonation inside the champagne bottle, so there's no need to shake it, just operate and spray. 

Easy to use

First open the handle to release the sealant then adjust the screw to have desired sealing size. Next, simply lower the handle until the “click” and invert and shake the bottle. Now your champagne gun is ready to shoot champagne of happiness!

Grab one now for the funniest party ever!


  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: 15 x 16cm

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